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Arrotek Delighted to be Finalists at Tonight’s Irish Manufacturing and Supply Chain awards 2022

by Arrotek
Arrotek is delighted to be a finalist in three award categories at tonight's Irish Manufacturing and Supply Chain awards 2022. The awards we are up for are: Product Innovation & Design Micro/SME Manufacturer of the Year Contract Manufacturer of the Year Congratulations to the other finalists in our award categories, as well as all the finalists for other awards. The winners are being announced at a ceremony in the Kilashee Hotel in County Kildare this evening.

What to Expect When Visiting Arrotek in Sligo, Ireland

by Arrotek
Developing a partnership with a medical device design company is a big step on your product development journey. It makes sense to visit the company in person to meet the people and see the facilities that it offers. At Arrotek, we regularly host clients at our location in Sligo, Ireland. If you are considering visiting us here at Arrotek, what can you expect? How do you get here and what is Sligo like? We answer some of the most commonly asked questions below. Arrotek's Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Facility Our purpose-built facility in Sligo currently covers 50,000 sq....

Interventional Guidewires – Important Design Considerations

by Ronan Scott
Without interventional guidewires, many minimally invasive medical procedures that are common today simply wouldn’t be possible. They are an essential component of many interventional, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices, including catheters, and they have become increasingly sophisticated and innovative. Excitingly, however, we haven’t yet reached the innovation peak of interventional guidewires. Cutting-edge technologies, new ways of using materials, and intelligent design concepts are continually being developed, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If you have an idea for a new medical device, what are the design considerations that you need to be aware of for the interventional guidewire component? Here’s...

Arrotek’s First Employee Reflects on 15 Years of Growth in the Company

by Arrotek
Back in 2007, Arrotek was a medical device start-up that was about to do something new – hire its first employee. That was 15 years ago this month, and the employee was Adrian Moran. Adrian is still with Arrotek today, so he has witnessed first-hand the changes as we have grown into a company with nearly 100 staff. “It was humble beginnings at the start,” said Adrian, “as when I joined, Arrotek operated from a single unit in a business park in Strandhill. The company has grown continuously since then, and it has been fantastic to be a part of...

Read Paula Oliveira’s Inspirational Story on International Women in Engineering Day

by Arrotek
International Women in Engineering Day is an annual event to celebrate the success of female engineers. It is also a day to highlight the underrepresentation of women in engineering, including in the medical device industry. According to Engineers Ireland, only 12 percent of engineering professionals are women. One of them is Arrotek's Paula Oliveira. Paula's story is inspirational, but it also puts a spotlight on some of the issues that are limiting efforts to get a better gender balance in the engineering sector. In telling her story, Paula highlights that a lot of engineers in the medical device industry have...

Interventional Guidewires Design – An Overview

by Ronan Scott
Since their introduction in the early 1980s, interventional guidewires have transformed medical procedures beyond recognition. This, in turn, has transformed patient outcomes, highlighting the importance of innovative interventional guidewire design. Those first devices were basic compared to today's sophisticated interventional guidewires, but they were pioneering. That said, technologies and innovations in the field of interventional guidewires continue to advance at an exciting and rapid pace. As a result, outcomes for patients continue to improve, more advanced procedures are becoming possible, procedure times are being reduced, and the risks associated with complex medical interventions are continually being mitigated. The Importance of...

Introduction to Usability Engineering in Medical Device Design and What it Means for Your Product

by Ronan Scott
Usability engineering is a common concept in many areas of product design, but its importance is elevated in medical device product design because of issues of safety and effectiveness. In fact, the importance of usability engineering is increasing as medical devices become more complex and smarter. Medical devices are also being used in a growing number of situations and to treat an ever-widening range of conditions. Microcatheter technologies are a good example, given the advances that are being made in neurovascular microcatheters. What is usability engineering in medical device design, and what does it mean for your design project or...

Catheter Shaft Design Considerations to Optimise Device Performance

by Patrick McGowan
Catheter shafts are a core component of medical devices designed for minimally invasive procedures. The main objective when designing a catheter shaft is to get the right balance of performance between the various functional requirements of the device. For example, getting the right balance of torque control, pushability, kink resistance, flexibility, compression resistance, etc. During the development process, engineers work through various design considerations to achieve the right performance balance and ensure the device is suitable for the application it is being designed for. Braid and Coil Reinforcement of Catheter Shafts Polymers are a crucial part of a catheter’s shaft,...

Neurovascular Microcatheter Design Overview

by Richard McLoughlin
Neurovascular microcatheters have transformed the treatment of patients around the world. They enable minimally invasive treatments in a challenging part of the body, so have significantly advanced healthcare in this field. The range of neurovascular conditions that microcatheters are used to treat includes cerebral aneurysms, ischemic stroke, and other conditions that affect the vessels that supply blood to the brain and spine. While there have been significant advances in the design and development of neurovascular microcatheters, there is a constant strive to push the boundaries of innovation, particularly in relation to the miniaturisation of catheter devices and components. Further advances...

Press Release: Multi-Million Euro Investment and 100 New Jobs at Arrotek

by Arrotek
Multi-million-euro expansion and 100 new jobs for Sligo as medical device manufacturer Arrotek looks to the future Sligo medical device designer and manufacturer Arrotek is delighted to announce the planned creation of up to 100 new jobs after the company was granted planning permission for a 20,000sq ft extension to its headquarters in Sligo town. Arrotek is based in a purpose-built 50,000sq ft facility in the heart of the Medtech cluster in Finisklin Business park in Sligo, which was built in 2019 and features state-of-the-art manufacturing cleanrooms, laboratory, and engineering offices. It is expected that the additional 20,000sq ft will...