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Arrotek Shortlisted for MedTech Company of the Year 2022

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Arrotek has been named as one of two finalists for the MedTech Company of the Year Award at the Irish MedTech Awards 2022. The Irish MedTech Awards are run by the Irish MedTech Association, Enterprise Ireland, and IDA Ireland. The MedTech Company of the Year Award is one of nine awards that will be announced at the MedTech Awards Ceremony in Galway at the start of December. The other finalist in the MedTech Company of the Year category is Cerenovus Galway. Richard McLoughlin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Arrotek said: “Being announced as a MedTech company of the year finalist...

How Arrotek Adds Value to Your Medical Device Start-Up Company

by Ronan Scott
Running a start-up medical device company is an exciting but often very busy time with so many things to do and decisions to make. It’s not surprising that much of your focus is on the here and now, i.e., what you need to do to move your company, project, and product to the next stage. Despite this, it remains important to also have a long-term view to ensure you maximise the future value of your company. For example, you might have a particular exit strategy in mind for your company. The decisions you make today and the actions you take...

Arrotek Medical Opens US Office

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Arrotek Medical has opened a new office in Massachusetts, USA. The office is part of our strategic growth plans and will enhance the service we offer to our growing client base in the US and Canada. Richard McLoughlin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Arrotek, said: “The United States has been an important market for us for many years now. It is a region where there are exciting new innovations being developed, including in the areas of minimally invasive medical devices, advanced catheter technologies, guidewires, and specialty needle devices. We are proud of the ground-breaking work we do with large companies,...

Three-Phase Design Transfer Process to Prepare a Design for Manufacturing

by Gearoid Kerins
Design transfer is a phrase that describes the activities and processes that introduce a medical device design to production. Effective design transfer is required by regulators but it also keeps manufacturing costs under control and ensures production milestones and deadlines are met. Furthermore, effective design transfer can reduce time to market and improve product quality. What is involved in the design transfer process and what are the requirements? At Arrotek, we have a Three-Phase Design Transfer process to prepare a design for commercial manufacturing. The final phase involves a comprehensive checklist that is important for the process itself as well as...

Tailored Support for Your Medical Device Start-Up Company

by Richard McLoughlin
There is a problem in the medical device industry and as a start-up company, it will be a problem that you may already be familiar with. You need support for your project, whether you are at the concept and prototyping stage or are further along on the research and development journey. However, all too often, the support that is available comes with a big price tag. You also have to make big commitments while putting up with the fact the support you get is not tailored to your specific needs. There must be a better way. There is a better...

Arrotek’s Modular Approach to Medical Device Design and Development Services

by Deirdre Caheny
Our modular approach to the delivery of medical device design and development services means we can help with whatever level of support you need, whatever expertise you need, and wherever you are in the development process. While there are similarities across all medical device design and development projects, our experience at Arrotek is that every project is different. As a result, we have experience in everything from providing consultancy services to handling a single element of a larger project to providing full end-to-end services from ideation to commercialisation. With our modular approach, we can slot in wherever you need us,...

Bottlenecks, Timelines, and Complexity: Overcoming EU MDR Challenges

by Gearoid Kerins
It is now over a year since the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) came into effect. Whether you are an early-stage start-up, a company further advanced in your start-up journey, or an established medical device company, what are the current realities of EU MDR compliance? The fact is, there are challenges that will impact just about every medical device company operating or planning to operate in the EU. Before we get into those challenges, though, a quick recap of where we are. Fast-Approaching Deadlines All new medical devices seeking approval for the European market must now go through the...

Arrotek Delighted to be Finalists at Tonight’s Irish Manufacturing and Supply Chain awards 2022

by Arrotek
Arrotek is delighted to be a finalist in three award categories at tonight's Irish Manufacturing and Supply Chain awards 2022. The awards we are up for are: Product Innovation & Design Micro/SME Manufacturer of the Year Contract Manufacturer of the Year Congratulations to the other finalists in our award categories, as well as all the finalists for other awards. The winners are being announced at a ceremony in the Kilashee Hotel in County Kildare this evening.

What to Expect When Visiting Arrotek in Sligo, Ireland

by Arrotek
Developing a partnership with a medical device design company is a big step on your product development journey. It makes sense to visit the company in person to meet the people and see the facilities that it offers. At Arrotek, we regularly host clients at our location in Sligo, Ireland. If you are considering visiting us here at Arrotek, what can you expect? How do you get here and what is Sligo like? We answer some of the most commonly asked questions below. Arrotek's Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Facility Our purpose-built facility in Sligo currently covers 50,000 sq....

Interventional Guidewires – Important Design Considerations

by Ronan Scott
Without interventional guidewires, many minimally invasive medical procedures that are common today simply wouldn’t be possible. They are an essential component of many interventional, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices, including catheters, and they have become increasingly sophisticated and innovative. Excitingly, however, we haven’t yet reached the innovation peak of interventional guidewires. Cutting-edge technologies, new ways of using materials, and intelligent design concepts are continually being developed, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If you have an idea for a new medical device, what are the design considerations that you need to be aware of for the interventional guidewire component? Here’s...