At ARROTEK we pride ourselves in our design capabilities. As a result of this we offer a full service, experienced team of designers who take your ideas from concepts to finished products which are suitable for scale up manufacturing. Through our design experience and dedication we have developed a six step design process. This is now a proven method which takes a holistic approach to your ideas as a complete project, not just a product.

Arrotek’s Six Step Design Process

We are unique in that we have our own production facility—we create what we have imagined. During the design phase we produce multiple prototypes.

Following the design phase, we can upscale the process suitable for manufacturing to produce qualified medical devices

All medical device design and prototyping services are carried out under our ISO 13485:2003 & ISO 13485:2012 accredited quality management system.


Arrotek are aware of the criticalities of creating a device that is suitable from both a functional and manufacturing point of view. That is why we support builds from concept development to product builds for pre-clinical and clinical requirements. We aim to turn around functional prototypes as quickly as possible, our in-house rapid prototyping capabilities assist us with this.

Throughout this phase of a project we apply Design for Manufacture (DFM) techniques and offer suggestions and support for design changes, which when implemented at the design phase can meet your target manufacturing costs.  DFM also has the following benefits:

  • Provide a higher quality product
  • Reliable manufacturing process
  • Simplify assembly processes
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements

By implementing DFM at the design stage of a project it will in turn accelerate your time to market.

Intellectual Property


Your ideas remain yours. Our relationship with you remains completely confidential and any intellectual property developed during the process remains yours.

We are eager to hear your ideas and make them a reality.

Contact us now at with questions, or phone us at +353 71 91 15111.

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