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Virtual Bingo – Just One of the Ways Arrotek Has Adapted to the COVID-19 Lockdown

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Dealing with a changed work environment as we do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 isn't just about homeworking and holding meetings on Zoom. Those things are important, of course, but what about those spur of the moment trips to the local cafe to grab lunch together, heading to the pub after work on a Friday for a few drinks, or chatting over a cup of coffee on a Monday morning about what you did at the weekend? These things are also important in the work environment, but how do you maintain a connection with colleagues in...

COVID-19: Mask Production to Start at Previous Arrotek Facility in Sligo

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
Last month, we put out a message on our website and on social media about our previous premises, a building we moved out of last year. It has 2,000 ft² of cleanroom space as well as other facilities suitable for medical device production. We offered this building free of charge to anyone who could use it to help Ireland's fight against COVID-19. A new company took up the offer and the facility will soon be operational, manufacturing facemasks. This enhanced domestic production of masks will reduce Ireland's reliance on imports. Ger O’Carroll, Director at Arrotek, said: “It is fantastic that...

Arrotek Part of Collaborative Effort to Enhance Protection From COVID-19 for Frontline Healthcare Staff

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
We’ve heard a lot in the news recently about PPE for healthcare staff – the equipment that protects them from COVID-19 infection. Arrotek is currently contributing to a project that aims to add an additional level of protection for those working on the hospital frontline. The Problem and the Solution Clinicians and other hospital workers are at a high risk of infection from COVID-19 during respiratory tract procedures such as intubation and extubation, i.e. the procedures required to put patients on ventilators. This applies even when PPE is worn. The new product being developed will allow clinicians to perform respiratory...

Arrotek’s Response to the Challenges of the Coronavirus

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
The coronavirus threat is difficult for everyone, and it’s fast-evolving. At Arrotek, we have taken steps to protect our employees as well as our customers and others. This includes following the advice provided by national and international bodies. As a result, we have begun a programme of working from home, with many members of the Arrotek team now working remotely. We are also constantly monitoring the situation and the advice being provided and will take whatever steps we can to mitigate the impact of any further access restrictions to our facilities and resources. Our priorities throughout are the health and...

COVID-19 Support message from Arrotek

by Mark Pugh
As we in Arrotek endeavour to support the measures to tackle the COVID-19 situation, one aspect that has been identified is a possible lack of cleanroom space. As I`m sure you all know, Arrotek Medical recently moved into a new facility in Sligo. The previous facility is currently empty and available. This is a facility with over 2,000 ft² of cleanroom space in a detached building of over 10,000 ft² split between warehouse and office space. Less than a year ago this facility was running as a fully validated class 7 cleanroom, and could be returned to this status quickly....

Arrotek’s Spirit of Christmas!!

by Arrotek
This year Arrotek took part in the Spirit of Christmas Gift Appeal by buying a gift for a resident of Nazareth House nursing home in Sligo. It was a small offering, but very much appreciated by the residents of Nazareth house and brightened up what can be a lonely time of year for some of the residents. Thank you to all the staff in Arrotek who took part in the appeal, and to all the staff and residents in Nazareth house for their lovely warm welcome when we went to deliver the gifts. #spiritofchristmas #timeforgiving

Arrotek has had zero turnover of permanent staff in over 12 months

by Arrotek Medical Ltd
We're delighted to announce that Arrotek has had zero turnover of permanent staff in over 12 months! This is a fantastic achievement for our company – it is a testament to you all to have a group of employees who continually strive and are committed to the continued success of Arrotek. Without you, Arrotek would not be the company it is today! Our People Make the Difference Thank you! #teamarrotek